June 17, 2024  |   Tupelo, MS

Join other bus drivers from across the state to improve your knowledge and understanding of bus driving and special needs transportation.

  • Participate in free special needs training and the Road-eo competition.
  • Learn during free hands-on training sessions.
  • Talk with, and get help from the experts in School/Pupil Transportation.
  • One participant per school district.

Everyone’s a winner because stepping up to learning is the goal.

Top performers will be recognized with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies and monetary prizes.

  • 1st Place : $500.00
  • 2nd Place $300.00
  • 3rd Place $200.00

To enter you must complete the registration form online or download the pdf with the events information and registration form attached.

Deadline to register is June 1, 2024.

Download Registration Form  |  Online Registration Form


For all information on the School Bus Road-E-O along with the registration form, please download the PDF. You may also register online.

You may register by printing and mailing the form to:

Mr. Benji Britt
PO BOX 1940
Grenada MS 38901
Fax: 662-277-6119

For More Information:
Benji Britt 662-614-2552


Click on the image below to view larger.


This breaks down the amount of possible points for each event.

1. General Knowledge Written Test:  100 Points

2. Pre-Trip Inspection Test:  100 Points

3. Straight Line Event:  50 Points

4. Student Loading Event:  75 Points

5. Parallel Parking Event:  50 Points

6. Back-In Event:  50 Points

7. Diminishing Clearance Event:  50 Points

8. Railroad Crossing and Clearance:  75 Points

9. Right Turn Event:  50 Points

10. Offset Alley Event:  50 Points

11. Curb Line Event:  50 Points

12. Stop Line Event:  25 Points


Click on an event below to learn more about it.

Purpose of Event:

To evaluate the driver’s ability to maneuver the right rear dual of a school bus through a double column of tennis balls.

The right rear dual must travel between the columns of tennis balls (duals + 3″ for width) without touching or dislodging any of the balls. The bus may not stop during the event. Course will not be reset until contestant completes the event.


Purpose of Event:

The purpose of this test is to verbally evaluate the contestant’s ability to perform a pre-trip inspection in accordance with Federal CDL laws with “S” Endorsement.

Guidlines for Judge and Contestants:

The test is verbal with hands pointing to components for inspection. The test is broken into 3 pages with different sections. The contestants will be tested on the “Test” pages. A “Test page can have multiple seperate areas. The judge will prompt you to begin an area within that page.


When the judge says “Air Supply System” you will be stating everything which pertains to the Air Supply system and how it operates.

The contestant has ten minutes to complete the pre-trip event. However, the contestant must tell the judge when they are “finished” with each area.


Purpose of Event:

To evaluate the driver’s depth perception and ability to use the cross-over mirror to stop the bus at a predetermined line. The contestant will drive up to the line once and stop. Judgment will be made from the front of the bus bumper or mechanism on bumper which is out the furthest. The driver will set brake, place bus in neutral, and sound the horn to notify the official to score the event.

Purpose of Event:

This event is designed to evaluate the contestant’s ability to park the bus parallel to a curb without touching barriers. Exit the parking area without touching the barriers or curb. Measurement will be taken from the center bulge of front and rear tire of bus. Scoring will be from whichever ire is out the furthest.


Purpose of Event:

To evaluate the driver’s ability to back the bus into a stall. A stall 10′ x 40′ or more feet (will be determined by committee) is provided into which the driver must back their bus without touching the upright standards and without crossing over the stall limit marker lines. Depth perception is tested by placing a measuring stick 4′ from the rear barrier and by penalizing the driver for backing up past the free zone on the stick. The driver will approach the stall from either direction, turn up to the appropriate wheel limitation line and back into the center of the stall, centering the bus within 1″ of the center line (front and rear) and park. The driver will set brake and honk the horn to notify the official to score the event. Course will not be reset until the contestant completes the event.

Purpose of Event:

Evaluate a driver’s ability to drive a school bus in a smooth manner through an area with diminishing clearances. The contestant will drive in a straight line through a series of four sets of standards. The first set of standards will have the width of the bus plus 8″ and the final set will have the width of a bus plus 2″. Width of bus includes rub rails and stop sign if applicable. Course will not be reset until contestant completes event.

Purpose of Event:

The railroad crossing represents on of the greatest hazards in so far as mass casualties or fatalities are concerned. The test evaluates the driver’s degree of care and knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations when required to operate a school bus across railroad tracks. The test also evaluates the driver’s ability to determine the clearance of the tracks with the back of the vehicle.

Purpose of Event:

Execute a 90 degree right turn in a school bus without touching the curb or encroaching on adjacent traffic lanes. Radius may be set at an axis of 17 or 27 feet. The driver will signal (directional’s) 100 ft. or (as space allows) before entering the tire line 50 ft. before the first demerit zone. The contestant will position the bus in the turn lane so the right turn can be made without touching the curb at any time. The tire line is 3′ to the left of the curb line. They will begin turn maneuver by their ability to know when to turn the wheel for successful completion through demerit zone 2. Judgment will be made at demerit zone I and at demerit zone 2.

Purpose of Event:

To evaluate the driver’s skill to drive a bus through two offset lanes without touching the barriers with any part of the bus. The four standards of barriers one and two are set up with ten feet between the tennis balls in each direction. The distance, between the two barriers, for either Transit or Conventional bus length is four feet. Measuring is from the front bumper (which includes crossing arm) to rear bumper. The right hand tennis balls of barrier one are directly in line with the left hand tennis balls of barrier two. The direction of the offset alley (left or right) will be determined on the day of the competition. The course will not be reset until contestant completes the event.

Purpose of Event:

Evaluate the driver’s skill in pulling close to the curb within a restricted distance. Bus length is 2 times length of bus over 29 ft. The driver will park a school bus next to a simulated curb without rubbing the side walls of either font or rear tires against the curb. Measurement will be taken at the bulge of the right rear dual. Judgment of the event shall include entering and departure from the parking space. Judges shall observe use of signal upon entry as well as signal and mirror use when the bus departs the curb.

Purpose of Event:

To test the driver’s ability to make a safe and legal school bus stop and to take on students. The driver will clearly look, and point to all mirrors, in a systematic order. Activate the proper lights, including the overhead alternating flashing amber’s. Stop at least 10′, and no more than 15′ from student. Point to all mirrors and check area for safety. Use proper procedure for stopping and loading. Activate the stop paddle, motion student to cross, open door, close door, re-check mirrors. Clear eye contact and visual pointing with finger at all mirrors, de-activate stop paddle and proceed.


  • Each district my enter 2 drivers.
  • Deadline to register is June 1, 2024.
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